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FEWLS has received the KU Research-GO award. Congrats!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The KU Research Grant Opportunity (KU Research GO) program provides strategic research investment at the University of Kansas. It aims to support preliminary research guided to improve the competitiveness of future proposal submissions to external funding agencies. On March 22, 2022, FEWLS was awarded with a KU Research GO grant to pursue research on direct catalytic conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to drop-in aviation fuels. For a list of all Research-Go 2022 awardees, please click here!

"KU investigators bring the university’s research mission to life and contribute to the health and economic vitality of the state and region through cutting-edge research, experiential opportunities for students, cross-disciplinary collaborations, and dynamic entrepreneurial activities. "

FEWLS Research would like to thank the Office of Research at KU for the support and believing in our team for bringing KU's mission to life and developing transformational research.

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